The Old-Tori – an endangered Estonian horse

A heavy warmblood, the Old-Tori is part of Estonia’s cultural heritage. With a population under 200 (and only approximately 70 purebreds), the Old-Tori is in danger of extinction and needs our protection!

To be considered purebred, an Old-Tori should not have any foreign blood in its breeding since 1945. However, to prevent inbreeding, as the population is very small, Tori horses with up to 25% descendancy from the following eight Hannover stallions used for breeding in 1970’s are also accepted: Algus 8787 T, Delfiin 13 531 T, 33 Difer, Farda, Funduk 9361 T, Günther 8503 T, Kiirus 9359 T, Kraver 8505 T, 1 Abgöttin H 407/63, Griada 16 913 T, Guoba 17 285 T.